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Jovani Dress collection 2020

Prom Dress 60283

Our customers love Jovani dresses and for a very good reason. You will agree that if you want the highest quality gowns for any occasion, you can trust Jovani. Their dresses feature the finest of fabrics and beautifully designed and cut silhouettes. Celebrities love Jovani, too, and have worn their dresses on the red carpet.

We are always excited when we get the new collection from Jovani, curious about the new designs. When prom dress 2020 new collection released, It was so easy to find out all dresses are fantastic as always, and no surprise here.

But one gown made us gasp. It’s astonishing and with the consent of all the members of the Morvarieds team,

this is The Gown of 2019—2020 (we do not always agree which dress is our favourite).

 Seriously, this gown made us drool.

Just look at it!


Jovani Dress 6283 all colors at Morvarieds Boutique


It has clean, simple lines and plain colours, but it’s anything but boring. Think gorgeous, timeless,

and pure magic. A daring combination of see-through fabric, floral applique and sequins, this amazing

Jovani gown is irresistible and chic.

You will love the form-fitting cut of this gown. It is flattering and comfortable. Sleeveless bodice with some see-through detail features plunging neckline, open sides and deep V-back.

The open sides and back make this dress look amazing from every angle.

Floor-length trumpet skirt has a sheer embellished overlay that starts mid-thigh and flares elegantly to a horsehair hem and sweep train.

Exquisite texture and intricate beading mixed with simple, flawless silhouette, this dress from one of the most sought-after gown designers is a stunner.

Jovani knows how to spice the design up without making it outrageous. With a little amount of playfulness added, this gown will make any woman look and feel amazing. Sleek simple lines help create a seemingly effortless elegance.

Our customers tell us that choosing the dream dress for a special night is exciting but can be stressful. Social pressure and our body image insecurities make us feel self-conscious.

Do you feel like that, too?

You find a dress that has everything we want, including the wow factor, and then you wonder how it will make you feel: beautiful and confident, or awkward and inadequate?

Imagine wearing this gown, boldly striding through a crowded venue, happy and totally at ease. Did we mention magic? This dress has a touch of alchemy. Just choose the right colour to match

your personal style representing who you really are – or want to be. 


The dress in deep, rich forest is a favourite and a bestseller – and it is not just for the redheads. This colour is classy and sophisticated and will suit all skin tones.




We love the light blue version. It is like a beautiful song or a breath of fresh air on a summer morning… crispy and innocent, a light blue dress may be a great option for you.


Pretty floral pattern in delicate rose/gold is a great option for women who like softer colours. It is reminiscent of a little girl trying on her mama's high heels – totally adorable.



The dress in yellow is gorgeous! Yellow is the happiest of all the colours, and this muted shade is youthful and sophisticated at the same time. The see-through fabric at the bottom looks perfect in this lovely colour



The red gown is smoking hot! The colour makes it so sexy yet elegant. Proud of your curves? This is your “flaunt them” dress. The shade of red is perfect, and the sheer bottom of the skirt and the train creates an illusion of the skirt floating in the air.


If you like dresses that are exquisitely cut and well made you came to the right place. At Morvarieds, we offer a great range of affordable Jovani dresses that will give you unforgettable appeal.

Every Jovani gown is the perfect formal dress with a feminine, luxurious feel.

Slinky and seductive, they bring a touch of Hollywood into our life.

Depending on the colour you choose, they will make you look and feel sweet and innocent or adventurous and sexy.

Give yourself permission to look the way you always wanted to be. Daring. Divine.

You deserve it.


This masterpiece from Jovani strikes the perfect balance between traditional and modern, cute and sexy, gentle and badass. And that’s its magic.

  It’s right here, within your reach




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