How to choose a Party Dress Like a Goddess You Are,

Don’t you just love shopping for a new dress? Choosing a dress for a wedding, party or another occasion is a lot of fun, especially if you know exactly what you’re looking for, where to find it, and how to get a good deal.

But it can be frustrating, too. You love the dress but it doesn’t look good on you. Wrong shape, wrong colour,  or wrong neckline can make you look like you gain some weight on or haven’t slept for weeks even if you know you’re in perfect shape and health.


Most importantly, if your party dress doesn’t make you feel special, like the goddess you are, it will affect your mood and your behaviour.  If you have the grace and charm of Audrey Hepburn it’s easier to show it wearing a dress that not only flatters your body shape but makes you feel like a goddess, too.


Dressing up is not always about looking like a lady - dignified and graceful. Sometimes you may want to look and feel fun and playful in your party dress, or sexy and irresistible - in which case the statuesque look may not be the best choice. But if you want to express your Inner Goddess, we have the right dress for you.


 This gorgeous sleeveless, A-line dress can be dressed up or dressed down. It features a front slit, deep neckline, pleated front of the bodice, and wide waistband with partly sewn pleats.


This long dress can be considered as either party dress or cocktail dress and will emphasise your waist and highlight your curves, looking classy yet sensual. A layer of flowy, lightweight chiffon adds an airy touch. 


The dress is available in three colours: peach, burgundy, and emerald.

If you’re a redhead you’ll look stunning in the green dress. Jewellery in red or orange will balance this colour beautifully.


The burgundy dress looks glamorous and luxurious.  Just like other dark shades of red, such as crimson, cardinal, or wine, burgundy is the colour of higher social status, of all things rich and polished, and the colour of romance.

The dress in peach colour is another great choice that will work for most women. Peach and apricot are soft shades that will make you look feminine and approachable.

You can wear this maxi dress for almost any occasion, from a romantic stroll on the beach or a cocktail party to a wedding. You'll be sure to turn heads!

 Remember that apart from the dress you’re wearing, people will notice other things, like the way you smile, walk, talk, listen to others and the way you treat them. If the dress makes you feel confident and happy, you’ll most likely act that way.

Stay tuned for more articles on how to choose a dress that will make you look your best and feel amazing.