Dance Dress: Avoid Wardrobe Malfunction on The Dance Floor

Dance dresses have a special appeal. They wirl, and swirl, and shimmer, and make any woman look amazing. To many people, a night on the dance floor means getting rid of stress and a little escape from busy, demanding life with its responsibilities and challenges. A special dance dress helps make the occasion even more special.

If you balance work and family you know that it’s not always easy. It takes skills and a lot of hard work to juggle it all. Don’t you feel you deserve some fun from time to time? You certainly do. 

We are happier, healthier and we perform better when our efforts are appreciated and rewarded. A dance party with people you like, and music you can’t help but dance to, may be all you need to boost your mood and to recharge.

Choosing the perfect dance dress may require giving some thought to the matter, more than choosing a dress for hanging out with friends or a casual BBQ. Naturally, you want to look great every time, make sure that the style and shape are flattering for your body type, and that the colour makes your skin glow.

But there are a few things additional things you need to take into account when shopping for a dance dress. For example, many women say that a long dress looks more elegant but, unless you can dance like Ginger Rogers, prancing in a flowy, long dress can be tricky. If you ever got a stiletto caught on your long dress you know what I mean. And taking a tumble on the dance floor is not just embarrassing, you can actually hurt yourself, too.

So if you want to dance the night away, a long dress may not be your best bet. What are the other considerations? What type of dress you should avoid?

Dresses that are too short or too tight

If you wear a very skimpy dress, you may end up really worried about being uncomfortable and not enjoying yourself and having fun with others.

Dresses that don’t fit

If the dress fits you it’ll be more flattering. Additionally, it’ll make you feel confident, and you’ll move gracefully.

Dresses that’s too revealing

You can look attractive and sexy without drawing attention to yourself for the wrong reasons. And those fashion malfunctions that we mentioned in the title of this article do happen (google them).

Outfits made of poor quality fabrics

Wearing clothes made of fabrics that don’t allow your skin to breathe is a mistake especially if you’re planning dancing all night. Those big sweat spots are not attractive!

The colours are your personal choice but anything garish or bland may not suit the fun and relaxed atmosphere of the club or a party. Choose clothes made of beautiful, high-quality fabrics and you’ll look great for hours.

Strapless dress

Strapless dresses are beautiful but if you’ll spend all night hoisting your dress up it won't be fun (even if it stays up and you just don’t trust it not to slip). It may work for you - or it may ruin the night.

Dresses designed for ballroom dancing competitions

Don’t take me wrong, some of them look sensational, but if you’re choosing the wrong style you’ll end up looking like a performer. You still want to wear a dress, not a costume, don’t you?

We have a dress that may be just what you need. It’s short - but it’s not a micro dress, the full skirt is above knee length at the front and a bit longer at the back. A scalloped V-neck is ideal for almost everyone. Beautiful lace at the long sleeves and back of the bodice offers balance to the deep sensual line of the neckline.

For a night on the town, style this dress with comfortable heels and a small purse. Comfy shoes need no explanation (at least take those foldable ballet flats, you’ll thank us later). You can carry a little across-the-body purse with you all the time without worrying about it. Remember that a clutch, even though they’re small, is not a good choice because you have to hold it, or carry it under your arm.

By the way, this dress will work for other special occasions, including weddings. It would depend on the dress code, of course, but many couples are being more relaxed about dress codes, and guests are not expected to follow them strictly anyway.

Whether you’ll wear this dress on the dance floor or for any other formal or semi-formal occasion, you’ll look amazing.